The South East Mosaic Dance Festival is a two-day Atlanta event taking place August 9 and 10 in 2014 featuring belly dance, burlesque, and flow artists interested in promoting community, education, innovation, and beauty through dance and movement with workshops, lectures, and performances. This collaboration of like-minded individuals originally began as a way to bridge gaps between the respective art communities and create a venue welcoming diverse styles among attendees.

The festival will host instructors versed in an array of genres across belly dance, burlesque, and flow arts from throughout the U.S. Participants will enjoy 18 workshop options and lunch lecture discussions over the course of the two days. There will also be open stage performances from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on the main stage on both days. A Saturday evening gala show will showcase performances from the esteemed workshop instructors and special guests.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to shop with some of their favorite vendors. Featured artisans will be selling a wide selection of stage wear, class wear, jewelry, and accessories.

All activities throughout the weekend will take place at the Wyndham Atlanta Galleria with single day, full day, and a la carte access to workshops. Guests can also choose to attend only the show portion of the weekend by purchasing a festival pass, which does not include workshops. Gala show tickets are also available for purchase separately.

The South East Mosaic Dance Festival is also accepting, and grateful for, financial support to help support this vision through Indiegogo.com and also welcomes other forms of support in the way of volunteers and help. To register for workshops or purchase show tickets, please visit http://www.mosaicdancefest.org.

Special note for parents:

At South East Mosaic Dance Festival, it is our stated mission to encourage collaboration and community. This collaboration means that we are staunch in our support and inclusion of Belly Dance, Burlesque and the Flow Arts. That being said, we feel that we need to speak directly to the parents and families who are considering attending our event. Some of the acts that will be on display are risqué, meaning that there will be levels of bodily exposure comparable to what you might see at a public beach or at the park on a summer day. Specifically, there will be little left to the imagination, but genitalia and nipples will be covered. We ask that parents and families use their best judgment with regards to their own moral compasses and consider the impact of coming to our event. We will not allow morally outraged people to ruin this event for our attendees and dancers. Anyone behaving in a way that detracts from the experience of Mosaic will be escorted off the premises without a refund. Please remember, if you are not comfortable watching these acts but would still like to attend, we will have a vendor area set up that you may visit (and buy things from!) during these sets. A schedule of performances will be available on site.

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia. For hotel booking please contact:

Wyndham Atlanta Galleria
6345 Powers Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30339

Direct: (770) 790-1010
Fax: (770) 850-0444